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March 7th, 2012



It’s been a year and four months since my last post. Ouch!

My quest to chronicle my design escapades went a little south. To say that life intrudes on your best laid plans has never been truer. But the best thing about life is there can always be a new beginning!

And amazingly enough here I am starting at the pre-pre-spring, when the earth is slowly coming awake and I can start to shake off the winter doldrums. This season has been really weird due to the up and down weather, making it feel like it’s never going to end! Folks here in Western New York will understand what I mean. Mother Nature can’t decide from one day to the next what she wants to do. We’ve had warm ups then snow, then warm ups and sun, then more snow. Uck!

This year I tried not to make any grandiose New Year’s resolutions. It’s much too dispiriting when you can’t get them done. Who needs that kind of pressure? Not! But I do have things I want to accomplish and getting them done will be amazing. I feel a new sense of purpose coming on! Whoot! I know it’s that spring-renewal syndrome but that’s okay. I’ll be Persephone awaiting her time above ground and be grateful it comes at all.

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