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I’m So Excited!

I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for a while. I have the whole weekend off and I have plans! Nothing so adventurous as running a 5k like my friend Denise, nor as relaxing as getting a pedicure (yo, that would be nice…). Now you may call me a bit crazy and perhaps a little disturbed, but what I will be doing will be just as fulfilling and just as indulgent….

I’m starting my Spring Cleaning!


I hear ya, not too exciting a prospect for some, but I am jazzed! The weather here in Western New York is being a horrible tease but I will not let that diminish my enthusiasm. Having two days off in a row is a rarity for me and I don’t intend to waste it. Laugh if you like, but I am looking forward to this.

Since coming back from vacation in Myrtle Beach, it’s been work, work, work, rush, rush, rush again with almost no time to breathe. Work for both of us is getting busier and that takes a toll. Especially on our house. Since it’s just the two of us, with no one to impress, we can let one thing here and another thing there go undone for a while. But the clutter is building up and the walls are pressing in and it’s time to tackle the mess.


Now, you have to understand where some of my enthusiasm comes from. Most people don’t get excited at the prospect of spending their time off doing more work, but think about it; the satisfaction of doing something hard that results in something nice just for you and your family is huge! You call the shots, you make the decisions and you set the pace. You are your own boss and all the profits of labor are your own! Now you see what I’m saying!! LOL

So let me get off my computer (sorry, fella. You know I love you but today you may be on your own…) and get back to it. Perhaps there may be pictures involved, if I’m feeling especially proud of myself.

Rock On!

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