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A Change of Venue

So now my adventure truly begins! I’ve had to make some tough choices in the last few weeks, having made the decision to quit my full-time job to plunge headlong back into the world I love. Its no use denying that all things Design are what floats my boat so I’m on a mission to make it provide for my living as well as my happiness.

But this can’t be just a lark, so some serious planning needs to happen to see me to my goal. I need to write a few things down. Writers will understand the importance of making lists and notes. Ideas sometimes float around in ones head and if they’re not caught and put on paper, they can keep floating away never to return! Organization is key to any designers work as well, so a list it is. A plan of action, a set of markers to hit to get to the next level. Its helpful to see where you’ve been, where you are and where you’re going.

But first, a little beauty to keep in mind what I’m working toward!


So today is a nice, restful day to concentrate on the thoughts in my own head and make some notes. There are a lot of things up there, this will be a process! But an exciting one. Since I’ll be working for myself, I need to be a diligent employee and also a manager who gives their team what they need to get the job done. Inspiration and motivation are key. I’ll need that in spades! Right now my supply is building up and ready to drive this train to the first stop.

Here is a little more of what motivates me:

Gorgeous, right? This picture makes me salivate, literally! I know that sounds weird, but look at it! Imagine that this lovely hallway is in a beautiful old world townhouse on a tree-lined street, in a sun-drenched city in Europe. Corner coffee sellers and antique stores to mill around in to find just the right piece, to fit in and compliment a chest or adorn a wall or add to an eclectic collection. A one-of-a-kind rug that needs rescuing so that it can be put back into service adding color and texture to a room-in-progress…..there it goes, did you see that? Designing desires floating by.

Its going to be a good day!

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