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New Old House: Mudroom Makeover, Part I

Thank Goodness!

I am so happy to be finally getting this project under way. I have been gathering items here and there and can’t wait to tackle it. It’s a small project that will have a big impact, if done right. Making good use of a small space is tricky and takes some planning. I’ve way over-thought this due to the wait to actually begin, but it has let me be sure of what I want and what I can do. Sometimes that’s just the way of it.

So here are some before pictures. There is so much promise in this room it makes me giddy. Giddy, I tell you!

Its a long narrow room, as most mudrooms are, being more of a hallway or foyer. This room looks like an addition, judging by some of the other houses on the block. Sure wish they had made it the entire width of the house, but I must work with what I have. If wishes were horses…

As this rather blurry photo shows, there has been some attempt at organization, but so much more can be done. In a small space, if there isn’t a place for everything it starts to look cluttered and crowded and busy. But never fear, where there is an item that needs a place to live, there is a basket or tub or bin or shelf made just for it! Yay!

Well, these ARE Not the best photos I have ever taken, LOL! But, you get the idea. The carpet remnant has seen better days. It has lovingly cushioned puppies and toughed out backyard parties, but its tired and stained and something a bit more hearty is needed for this space. I have an idea!……

So you get the idea, little bits of color and organization and better use of space is what’s in order here. The windows and the door above need to have curtains. Although my neighbors are perfectly respectful of others’ privacy, I think pretty curtains will make this room not feel like it’s hanging off the end of the house, but is a real part of the kitchen…the kitchen…oh what I could do in there. But that’s another story altogether.

Stay tuned!

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