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New Old House: Mudroom Makeover, Part II

Today, I’m gathering together some items I have been collecting for the room. Fabric for curtains and color samples. I’ve gotten some sample pots from Farrow & Ball and will use them to test color right on the walls.

To get a true sense of what hue will work best, I’ll paint a section of about 12×12 with each color I’m contemplating and watch for a few days how the changing light makes the colors look. It’s a small room, so painting more than once wouldn’t be a disaster, but since I’m choosing a not inexpensive paint in order to get the color I want, I don’t want to have to paint over good paint! Sample pots are crucial, therefore in testing. Like the carpenters say: measure twice, cut once!

These pots are about $8 or $9, which is a lot considering how small they are. Compared to say, Sherwinn-Williams where I can get a pint paint sample for about $6, it is a little pricey. Shop around, there are a lot of choices, so you can find out what works best for your budget.

As I was looking on-line at colors, I was disappointed by how washed out and off they are compared to the simple paint chips at the paint store. I was looking at the Martha Stewart colors online and they were really horrendous and not at all able to show the really wonderful and subtle hues her line offers at Home Depot. Try not to buy based on what you see on the computer. Paint chips and paint sample pots will allow you to be a better judge of color.

Still four work days left to get through before I’m done with the full-time job and can start this project in earnest. Where one door closes, somewhere a window opens.

See you soon!




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