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New Old House: Mudroom Makover, Part IV

The reason I love to paint so much is seeing the end result. Where a wall or room had been colorless or drab or unfinished, a good paint in a lovely color can make such a startling transformation!  

Gosh, I love what I do!!

I will be doing some seriously needed touch up on the baseboard and the windows, but there are several structural and even cosmetic things I won’t be doing to this room. Some aren’t really necessary and some are simply not worth the money. If this were part of a whole kitchen renovation, that would be a different story! Until then, I will enjoy my little makeover and enjoy the space. What do you think of the door? Leave the white spaces or paint the whole thing in? I am undecided, so I will live with it for a while. Now all I need is for my floor to come in and I can lay it down. THAT will be the crowning touch. A few more days to wait….


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