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Making Pinterest Work for You

The past year has seen a huge growth in the number of users of Pinterest, including industry sites, so all those pins can start to be overwhelming when looking at those you follow. Here are some tips I’ve found help me get the most out of all that input!

For those of you who haven’t seen the site, Pinterest is a very clever website where users have their own page with ”Boards” catagorized by their own areas of interest, like ” For The Home” or “Books I Love” or “My Style”, and they ”Pin” photos to the board that cooresponds. Depending on where the photo came from, it can have a link to a website where one can read an article, find a recipe or see more photos from a related story. Designers, shelter magazines, design blog writers and a host of other people and businesses from the industry and many other industries have taken it and run! It’s perfect for the design world as designers have been using boards and pins to show clients their project outlines for years.




The other fun thing about Pinterest is following other Boards. A user can search for a person or a group or business with a page of their own, click the button to ”follow” them, either individual boards or their whole page, and when ever they put up a new ”pin”, it appears on the user’s main page along with all the other new pins from boards and pages they follow, as well as their own new pins. This can get overwhelming if they follow a lot of pages or boards. The industry pages pin alot! The user can also ”repin” a pin to one of their own boards. Are you following all this?

Lately what I’ve been doing to wade through all that input is to pick and choose what I look at. First I only follow a few select pages. Since there hasn’t been a limit put on how many boards one can have, some pages have a lot! If I find an interesting page from an individual, I will pick and choose to follow only those boards that I’m interested in. That helps to keep your ”feed” geared more for your own special interests. Most importantly, while I am going through my main page feed, I will click on and open a select board and just look at those pins. That way I am able to really look at the pictures and sometimes find a gem I want to repin. If I don’t do that, I could be just scrolling through endless pins and may miss something good out of sheer overload.

For me as a designer, this has been a fun way to collect a variety of images that reflect my ecclectic taste on my own page. (I know several teachers that keep boards of ideas for their classrooms! How cool is that?!) And the fact that each pin can link me to a website, a blog or a recipe page means the ”Favorites” on my computer is virtually obsolete. I can go to any board and click on a pin and go right to where ever I need to go!

But besides that, who doesn’t like just looking at a little beauty every now and then! Sometimes, that’s all I’m, looking for.






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