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New Old House: Mudroom Makeover, PartV

So, as I gather all my bits and bobs, baskets and hooks, shelves and curtains and begin to put things together in the room, I am pleased to see the approach of my goal! As the groundwork finishes up, the details come into play!



The one universal truth about doing projects like these is that you always learn something. Just when you think you are paying attention to all the details, some slip by you in your haste to move forward. When I ordered this floor, I didn’t get to see the packaging, nor did I read any fine print as to how this product was boxed. Bad decision! When three huge and heavy boxes arrived at my door, the first thing I noticed was that one of the corners of one box was crunched. Sure enough, when I opened the box, all the tiles on that corner had broken corners. That wouldn’t have been so bad, as I was not going to use all of them anyway based on the dimensions of the room. The big problem was that these tiles came in a sheet of three and the interlocking design made cutting and fitting tricky and quite a challenge! OY! My recommendation would be to have them delivered to the store instead of your house. Perhaps they would have been delivered in better condition. It sure would have made reordering easier!

But the floor is in and now I can start filling in the room. A funny thing about this stage of the design, sometimes I sit on the empty room and just enjoy the transformation of the room itself. Its a strange point in the renovation. You can see the changes that color and a few updates have wrought and you’re loathe to disturb the simplicity of it! You’ll see what I mean when you embark on a project done by your own hands. Lol!

However, you do move forward and the fun of filling the room with the pieces you had been waiting to put back in and adding the little touches you planned, to make the room special, feels like a long time coming.

Seeing the details actually in the room, as you had imagined them in your head, makes any frustrations and hard work worth it!





So a few more key storage pieces left to get and a couple of small special pieces/projects to make and this room will be done. What do you think so far?


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