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New Old House: Mudroom Makeover, Finishing Details

While this project didn’t take a long time, I waited a long time to do it, so it doesn’t surprise me that I’m lingering over the last few additions and details. What I wanted it to turn out to be has been in my head for a while and I am savouring all the elements finally coming together!

A simple bench for putting on and taking off boots and shoes.

Simple cubbies with totes for storage. These ClosetMaid shelves from Target are inexpensive and took 15-30 minutes to put together. They are sturdy and simplistic, so ideal for any decor that needs easy storage. There are many colors of totes to choose from, but not in the specific colors of my room, so a nice neutral fits in perfectly. (Going to check out the colors online, however!) This configuration can work vertically or horizontally!

While I was shopping for my storage pieces, I found this door mat! Is this perfect or what?!! It was meant to be found. I love moments like that.

Long before I started this project, I had seen this cute cubby on Etsy. Originally in a grey, I asked the artist if they ever painted it in custom colors. The artist was more than happy to paint this in a pale yellow for me, in the Benjamin Moore color I asked for. It took a month, but I love it. Its perfect for my linens and the basket on the bottom shelf holds my reusable shopping bag collection, with more in the basket underneath. The mini totes keep things neat and it just makes me want another one!

My boyfriend’s mother gave me this adorable birdcage for my recent birthday. I gasped when I saw it as she had given me a perfect piece to hang in this spot. She has an amazing eye and has been so generous with some of the gifts she has given me. This piece is all crackly and was a perfect color for the room. And I wasn’t aware I had started a bird theme, but here it is!

This vintage flour tin has also been very patient waiting for its purpose. It will be a home to the dogs’ food and sit proudly and promenantly on the new storage cubby.

The remaining three hooks have been put on the wall over the storage cubby for totes and light coats and scarves. We love having fires in the backyard when its cool out during the fall. The tote above has a very cool history. It was created by Anya Hindmarch, an accessories designer, for a fundraising project for We Are What We Do and Whole Foods Market, to bring awareness to the world’s use of plastic bags and the impact they are having on our environment. Only 90,000 were made and only so many were sold in each participating country around the world, such as Australia, China, the UK and here in the US. I snagged this off Ebay! My totes and reusable bag collection is becoming an obssession, but I love them and use them all the time.

So the room is coming together and details are working out. A couple more things and it will be done, for now. Lol. Above is a canvas I painted with blackboard paint to write some fun sayings and quotes. The first will be a copy of a picture I saw in a store, but I have to wait for the paint to dry.

Check back soon to see the finished room! Thanks for reading!



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